Branding, name generation and more for a very cool, Vermont Startup.

(Yoga people and those with a bad back, listen up)

First, we changed the name from multi-syllabic something or another to the contemporary and minimalist: QOR360. Next, we advocated for a clean design aesthetic across both product design and brand image. After a logo that merges the founders interest in aligned vertebrae, the company's proprietary "rocker" technology, and yes, the i Ching,  


Now for the product, and some introductory text...Revolutionary ergonomic seating for a healthy and strong back. Created by a team of doctors and furniture designers, and inspired by the bodywork traditions of yoga, aikido, Feldenkrais, and Alexander technique, the QOR360 allows you to sit in an active and playful manner that gently aligns and realigns your spine. By allowing your pelvis to move and flex naturally, while extending and rotating in all 360 degrees, the QOR360 frees your spine to adopt its natural, and more perfect posture. 


peter jacobs

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